What kind of exercise can I do while pregnant? Recommendations

Any kind of regular exercise is good for the expectant mother and is not detrimental to the baby.

Listen to your body and consider your resources – this is what the renewed exercise recommendations for pregnant women and women who have given birth say.

The new recommendation follows the Mobility Recommendation for 18-64-year-olds published by the FAQ Institute in October 2019.

Any kind of regular exercise is good for the expectant mother and does not harm the baby.

What kind of exercise can I do while pregnant

However, strenuous exercise is not recommended.

– Of course, strenuous exercise can be continued during pregnancy according to one’s own well-being, but if such exercise has not accumulated before pregnancy, brisk and light exercise is sufficient, says specialist researcher Minna Aittasalo in a press release from the FAQ Institute.

During pregnancy, it is also advisable to avoid, for example, those sports that have shocks or the risk of falling.

Benefits of regular exercise

Every step does good for your health. Home chores, shopping trips, outdoor activities with loved ones, and other ordinary activities are worth taking advantage of.

Regular movement:

  1. Improves physical fitness and helps to cope with physical exertion during pregnancy
  2. Accelerates postpartum recovery
  3. Improves mood
  4. Prevents excessive weight gain and reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes

According to the recommendations, it is also wise to take a break and get enough sleep. Breaks improve blood circulation, activate muscles, and balance the load on the body.

How to start exercising during pregnancy?

If you have not exercised before pregnancy, start with short and calm exercise sessions. More important than duration and power are the regularity and total amount of movement.

Gradually increase the movement time, power, or times. Suitable sports include walking, Nordic walking, swimming, and running.

If you have been exercising regularly before pregnancy, you can continue to exercise lightly and briskly as before. Lighten your movement as you feel.

Talk to your doctor about continuing to exercise well in excess of the recommended amount and power.


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