What You Must Know About Oily Skin Causes and Treatment

Must Know About oily Skin Causes and Treatment, Oily Skin Care Home Remedies, When sebaceous glands are over products of sebum then it caused by Oily Skin.   Sebaceous glands are located below the surface of the skin. Sebum is made by fat and oil substances and it is not bad at all because it helps protect your skin and give moisture give shiny skin. But if sebaceous glands are products too much sebum, can give birth to oily skin then you will suffer from acne and also large pores.  Some other reasons increase the production of sebum is hormonal changes, stress, and genetics.

What Causes Oily Skin in Adults

What causes oily skin in adults? That question is a common one, especially amongst teenagers dealing with the consequences of oily skin. Underneath the skin, everyone has a series of glands known as sebaceous glands. These glands sit alongside the hair follicle. The area with the most sebaceous glands in the face, especially the nose, chin, and forehead. That notorious T-zone produces so many pimples. These glands produce sebum, which is what makes the skin feel oily.

Sebum is actually a good thing for your skin. It helps protect the skin and lubricates it to keep it moist. It helps to contribute to the acidic nature of the skin environment. That acidic environment keeps the skin healthy. If you do not have enough sebum on your skin, it can start becoming dehydrated and stripping off. Hair also benefits from this acidic environment. The sebum helps keep hair healthy and prevents breaking. Sebum in the right amounts is necessary for keeping your outer appearance looking smooth and healthy.

Oily Skin Causes and Treatment

What hormone causes oily skin

The answer to that question is how sebum product reacts to a certain hormone. During puberty, the body receives an overload of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This hormone is a part of every human body. However, during puberty, and during a woman’s menstrual cycle, the levels of DHT start to spike. That is what triggers the overproduction of the sebaceous glands. That is ultimate, what causes oily skin. A large amount of sebum is what gives the skin the oily feeling as well as producing the right environment for acne. When you look at your oily skin, you are looking at a sebum-rich environment.

And that environment is what leads to the acne that many people get as teenagers as well as during menstrual cycles. The excessive sebum builds up and helps to block the pores of the face. That is what gives bacteria the perfect environment to grow and produce pimples and other forms of acne. When you try to keep the skin clean from too much sebum, it can leave the skin without the protection it needs from the sebum. Every teenager has to fight to keep this all in balance. There are ways to treat it though.

Oily Skin Causes and Treatment

Managing oily skin can be difficult, but you can do many things to solve this common problem.  You no need to buy very expensive skincare products, here are very effective home remedies which help to get rid of oily skin without using drugs and expensive regiments. Oily Skin Facial Cleanser

Oily Skin Causes and Treatment

5 Home remedies for oily skin and pimples


5 Home remedies for oily skin and pimples

Tomato for oily skin


1. Use of tomato for oily skin 

Due to its cooling, clarity and astringent properties, the tomato is great for the Oily Skin Care Home Remedies. It reached Vitamin C which is very useful for acne prone skin. In addition, tomatoes have natural oil-absorbed acid that helps observe excess oil. Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Use Tomato for Oily Skin

How to use tomato- take a half tomato and rub it on your oily skin then let it sit about 15 minutes until your skin is dry, After that wash off it with cool water. Another way to use tomato by using a tomato face mask. Take three tablespoons of tomato juice and combine with a tsp of Honey. Apply on your skin and let it dry naturally then wash off it with cool water.


Rubbing cucumber slices on face


2. Cucumbers for oily skin: Due to its cooling agent, astringent and soothing properties, cucumbers for Oily Skin Care Home Remedies are very beneficial. Besides, including vitamins A and E, high vitamin and mineral content, potassium, and magnesium are very beneficial for oily skin.

Take a fresh cucumber and make slices, and rub well on your face then Leave it. Next Morning and wash off it with warm water. Repeat these remedies daily at night before bedtime.

Oily Skin Causes and Treatment

Take a half tsp of cucumber juice mix with a tsp of lemon juice and this to your oily skin. Let it dry naturally and rinse it with warm water. Repeat these remedies daily it also helps to reduce sunburn and lighten your skin freckles.

Egg white and lemon juice mask


3. Egg whites and Lemon Juice: Egg whites reach high in vitamin A, it is very effective for dry out the oily skin and lemon juice help to absorb oil due to citric acid and also it contains antibacterial properties.  If you have Egg allergies please do not use egg whites remedy.

Take a Juice from half lemon and one egg white then mix it very well. Apply it on your oily skin and let it sit about 15 minutes and wash off it with warm water. This will helps to tighten your skin and absorb excess oil.

Benefits of lemon water for skin


4. Lemon water for oily skin: Take teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and ½ tsp of distilled water then mix it very well. Apply this mixture with a cotton ball on your oily skin. After 10 minutes you can wash off it with warm water and pat dry after that apply some light oil-free moisturizer. You can repeat this remedy once a day.

Egg white and honey face mask


5. Egg white and honey face mask for oily skin: Take a small clean bowl and take a tsp of lemon juice, ½ tsp of honey and 1 tsp of milk. Mix these ingredients very well and make a paste. Now apply the paste on oily skin and let it sit about Ten to Fifteen minutes then rinse with cool water. Repeat this process daily you will get positive results in 7 days. “Oily Skin Causes and Treatment” I hope this remedy will help you to reduce oily skin on your face.


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